2024 Seafood Labeling Bill

2024 Seafood Labeling Bill

Imported seafood is decimating our neighbors’ ability to make a living. We should know where our food comes from.

UPDATE (2/29/24) The Seafood Labeling Bill has passed the Alabama House of Representatives. We’d like to thank State Rep. Chip Brown (R – Hollinger’s Island) for carrying this important measure forward to help support our local seafood workers.

UPDATE (2/22/24) Representative Chip Brown’s bill (HB66) passed committee in the House and will go to the floor for a vote. The amended bill mandates the labeling of seafood as either domestic or imported and requires identification of seafood as wild-caught or farm-raised. While the requirement for using correct species names on seafood labels has been removed, we believe the bill still represents a significant step forward in promoting transparency and supporting our local seafood industry. A companion bill will be introduced in the Senate in the coming days by State Sen. David Sessions (R-Grand Bay).

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The 2024 Seafood Labeling Bill will:

  • Require the labeling of imported or domestic for seafood at restaurants and grocery stores
  • Require the labeling of “wild-caught” versus “farm-raised” seafood


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