To Advocate, Defend, and Restore the Health of the Waters of Coastal Alabama

We are Mobile Baykeeper, a nonprofit organization dedicated to defending and reviving the health of the waters of Coastal Alabama.

For thousands of years, people have thrived in this beautiful region, but as cultures changed and resources became more in demand, our connection to the ecosystem and its once abundant life began to fade. In 1997, a group of concerned citizens came together to address the increasing pollution in Mobile Bay, recognizing that healthy waterways are essential for a healthy life. With chemical companies flocking to the area due to port accessibility and minimal environmental regulations, these citizens decided enough was enough, and Mobile Baykeeper was born.

Coastal Alabama’s waters hold a special place in our hearts. The Mobile-Tensaw River Delta, with its cypress swamps, bottomland forests, marshes, and bogs, stretches over 40 miles, nurturing a diverse array of wildlife and serving as a vital nursery for countless species. These waterways are the lifeblood of our communities, providing us with drinking water, recreational opportunities, fishing grounds, and places to swim and play.

Regrettably, the watershed has been continually degraded by various sources of pollution and inadequate restoration efforts. But Mobile Baykeeper is unwavering in its commitment to change this trajectory. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that future generations can enjoy the waters of Coastal Alabama and inherit an environment that is cleaner and healthier than what we have today. Through our work, we strive for real, measurable improvements in the health of our waters.

We envision a future where no one questions the safety of the fish we eat or the water we swim in, where oyster reefs and seagrasses flourish once again, and where coastal communities take responsibility for the wellbeing of our cherished waters. This vision drives our team forward, as we believe that the health of Mobile Bay serves as a litmus test for the overall health of surrounding waterways.

Several key factors indicate a healthier watershed and guide our mission:

1. Reducing chemical and heavy metal pollution is vital to ensure that no one has to fear consuming fish from Coastal Alabama. By linking our diets to the ecosystem, we become more invested in its health and protection.

2. We strive for waterways where our children and future generations can swim without fear of disease or exposure to carcinogens. Everyone deserves the right to safely enjoy our home waters.

3. Seagrass restoration plays a crucial role in improving water quality, clarity, and microclimate regulation. It provides food and shelter to countless organisms and supports important fishery industries. To achieve seagrass restoration, we must mitigate construction and fertilizer runoff sources.

4. Oysters act as natural filtration systems, offering a solution to multiple pollution problems. However, pollution, development, and the dredging of reefs have severely depleted our wild oyster population. Restoring these populations requires addressing numerous pollution issues.

Our waters cannot speak for themselves, but we can make choices that profoundly impact their wellbeing. When a critical mass of Coastal Alabama’s citizens actively make decisions to defend and revive their home waters, we will know that our efforts have truly succeeded.

Join us as Baykeepers, as we work tirelessly to protect and restore the natural treasures of Coastal Alabama. Together, we can create a future where clean and thriving waters are the norm, and where generations to come can embrace and enjoy the beauty of our ecosystem. Donate now and be part of the positive change we all wish to see.