Become a Baykeeper

Our waters are what make Coastal Alabama special. Today, each new generation has fewer chances to connect with the Delta, Bay, and Gulf. Parents hesitate to let their children swim in our waterways because they fear their children will get sick. The bounty of life found in our waters has decreased dramatically and remains in decline. A significant number of our waterways have some kind of advisory recommending we don’t eat the toxic fish. Many have little to no access to unimpaired waterbodies and have to be concerned if their water is safe to drink.

Yet not all hope is lost. The Mobile Baykeeper vision for our future was carefully chosen. We’ll know we are successful when no one has to question whether the fish are safe to eat or the water is safe to swim in, when our seagrasses and oyster reefs recover, and our coastal communities take responsibility for the health of the water. A healthier watershed makes for healthier communities.

Our waters cannot speak for themselves, but we can make choices that profoundly impact their wellbeing. When a critical mass of Coastal Alabama’s citizens actively make decisions to defend and revive their home waters, we will know that our efforts have truly succeeded.

Join us as Baykeepers, as we work tirelessly to protect and restore the natural treasures of Coastal Alabama.