2024 Seafood Labeling Bill

February 14, 2024
2024 Seafood Labeling Bill Imported seafood is decimating our neighbors’ ability to make a living. We should know where our food comes from. UPDATE (2/29/24) The Seafood Labeling Bill has passed the Alabama House of Representatives. We’d like to thank State Rep. Chip Brown (R – Hollinger’s Island) for carrying this important measure forward to help […]
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2024 SHOR Act

February 5, 2024
Take Action Tell your legislator to support your right to know if your catch is safe to eat! You deserve to know if your catch is safe to eat. Your tax dollars go to pay for the testing of fish, but few of us know the results of those tests. State Senator Name: Party: Contact: […]
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Coal Ash

February 1, 2024
It’s not every day we get to share news that marks a potentially momentous milestone in our decade-long fight to protect the Delta and Bay from coal ash. The recent announcement by Alabama Power that they plan to recycle and remove 700,000 tons of coal ash a year from Plant Barry is one such moment. […]
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Save Rabbit Creek

December 12, 2023
We have a handshake deal to protect crucial wetlands in the Dog River Watershed. Stay tuned as the deal becomes finalized. The above map is not a legal document and while outlining the approximate boundaries of the site and preservation areas it is not binding nor to scale. It is intended to give the public […]
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Get The SHOR Act Passed

August 9, 2023
Earlier this year, we challenged those of you who care about the health of our waters to no longer accept the status quo and be ready to take action. Today, we are asking you to answer that challenge. For generations, fishing has been an essential part of life along the Gulf Coast. It’s why we […]
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Remove The Coal Ash

August 4, 2023
Here’s the rundown Coal ash is the toxic byproduct of coal-burning power plants. Power plants typically mix the ash with water and dump it in massive “ponds” or pits nearby. Toxic pollutants commonly found in coal ash include heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, selenium, chromium, and lead, which are hazardous to human health, wildlife, and waterways. A report by […]
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