The Bay Is Your Oyster

How Admiral Shellfish Company, which sits off Fort Morgan Road, created a world-class oyster farm at the mouth of Mobile Bay.
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Seeking Out The Source

Mobile Baykeeper has teamed up with the University of South Alabama to source-track pollution in Dog River in an effort to identify major sources of ersity of n in Dog bacteria
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Breaking The Habit: Mobile’s Kiss-Off To Single-Use Plastic

Mobile Baykeeper's Reduce The Use campaign strives to improve the health of our waters.
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A Talk with Naturalist and Eco-Tour Guide Jimbo Meador

"These people that are moving here, they ain't got any idea what a paradise we used to have."
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It’s All Connected: A Q&A With Marine Scientist John Lehrter

"We’re all connected to this, and that there are limits to growth and how much humans can exploit our resources."
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Lessons Of The Lagoon: A Forced Entry Into Fishing

How my grandfather turned me away from fishing, but taught me to love Little Lagoon.
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Breaking Down The Rabby Creek Sewage Spill

The spill, which affected a Dog River tributary, totaled more than 4.6million gallons of sewage.
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Connecting With Oysters In Alabama

The AmeriCorps Patrol Team recently went out to spend a day learning more about oyster farming and the problems oysters face in coastal Alabama.
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Defining the Problem: A Note from William

From the Annual Report: January 3, 2023 I am a person who tries to pare a problem down to its essentials. It drives many of my friends crazy. When I first heard former General Motors executive Charles Kettering’s quote, “A problem well stated is half solved,” it resonated to my core. With that in mind, […]
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