Don’t Let Pollution Take a Bite Out of Summer

By becoming a Baykeeper, you are helping Coastal Alabama become a better, healthier, and safer place to live. You are part of a movement that is growing stronger every day. The more Baykeepers we have in our coastal communities, the better defended our natural resources will be.  

At Baykeeper, we are focused on water quality and its effect on our lives. If our communities unite over what makes Coastal Alabama special — our waters — we can achieve a better tomorrow.  

We’ll know we are successful when no one has to question whether the fish are safe to eat or the water is safe to swim in, when our seagrasses and oyster reefs recover, and our coastal communities take responsibility for the health of the water. 

April is Mobile Baykeeper member drive month. Our goal is to see 50 new members and 50 members to renew in the month of April. We hope that you’ll share our work with friends and family or make a donation in their honor. 

By becoming a member or renewing your membership with a minimum $50 tax-deductible annual gift in April, you will enjoy more benefits by receiving a year’s worth of CURRENTS magazine, our quarterly publication telling the stories of the Delta, Bay, and Gulf, plus FREE entry and plates at the Spring Member Drive Crawfish Boil, Saturday, April 20, from 4pm-6pm at Braided River in Downtown Mobile.

If you’d like to avoid processing fees that come from donating online, please mail a check to 450C Government St, Mobile, AL 36602

“We have a responsibility to ourselves and to future generations to defend and revive the health of our waters. I am encouraged by the progress we’ve made and by the fact that we inspire more people every day to appreciate these natural gifts.” – George Talbot, Baykeeper Member